It might be overkill, but Weber's latest barbecue grill actually have their own app. The Weber iGrill app isn't satisfied simply remotely controlling the precise doneness of that $25 ribeye, though. It would also like to be your default browser on Android — though it won't turn your phone into a barbecue.

Developers over at Weber must not be too familiar with targeting the Android platform, because the iGrill app has declared itself to be a web browser, and you can even set it as your default app. It's funny, but these sorts of mistakes are also a little annoying, because it means after installing the app, your phone will ask if you'd like to open intents/actions that target a browser with Weber iGrill until you set your browser as default again, and it'll bloat up the share menu for related intents.

If you actually select the Weber iGrill as your default app, it doesn't seem to break anything. On my Pixel 4, for example, it still opens in Chrome after sending a page to Weber's app.

Sadly, you can't cook anything with it — though it might work with a Snapdragon 810.

We'd encourage Weber's developers to peruse Android's intents guide again. In the meantime, those of you hoping your browser can be your new barbecue will need to track down something with one of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810s; it probably gets hot enough.