Despite the canceled Google I/O slated for this week, we initially assumed that the Pixel 4a would still be announced via other means any day now, but according to information from German publication Caschys Blog, the launch may have been postponed to June. Internal documents obtained from Vodafone Germany state that the carrier might start selling the phone on June 5.

Caschys Blog previously reported that the Pixel 4a would be available from Vodafone starting May 22, but the changes in the carrier's database now point to the postponed release date. With this new information at hand, the blog speculates that the phone might be released during the Android 11 Beta Launch Show on June 3. Considering that the teaser for the event mysteriously mentions that "there'll be news, updates, and announcements on connectivity, controls, safety, security, productivity, accessibility, and a whole bunch of other stuff we're not ready to tell you about yet" (emphasis mine), a Pixel 4a launch doesn't seem too outlandish. The narrator even whispers, "Let's hope that doesn't leak" in the trailer.

It's also possible that Google will simply publish a press release over the next few days to announce the phone, and the launch might have merely been postponed for Europe. But given that Google released its latest Pixel devices on the same day internationally, that seems unlikely. It does make sense to reveal the phone during the drummed-up Android 11 Beta event, as the company can count on having more eyes on its products then.