Widgets were once triumphed as one of Android's small victories over other platforms, offering extra utility that almost everyone saw as a clear benefit — or, at least, a fun avenue for customization. They've been around now for over a decade, and though third party support has waxed and waned, we're curious to know: Do you use a widget on your home screen/launcher? If so, how many have you got?

There are plenty of widgets out there that offer a clear benefit, though some companies don't seem to think anyone uses them. Personally, I've been using the same huge custom widget now for ages (almost eight years, I think), and that's not to mention Lawnchair 2's snazzy improved At A Glance widget.

Widgets as a subject don't seem to get as much love as they used to, though companies still update them once in a while. So is your home screen loaded with as many widgets as you can fit, or have you kept things a little more minimal?

Do you use widgets on your home screen? If so, how many?

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