The United States government has continued to insist that companies can begin transitioning back to regular operations, but most industries are taking a more careful approach than federal guidelines recommend. Like many companies, Google has shifted almost entirely to remote work, but CEO Sundar Pichai is reportedly planning for more employees to return to offices next month.

CNBC has obtained an email sent to Google employees by Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, which states that the company's offices will begin reopening as early as June. However, the initial goal is for only 10-15% of employees to work in offices, and people who can continue working from home will do so.

The email reads, "We’re starting to really get the hang of these virtual meetings, though I do miss the experience of having so many of us in the same place. It may be a while before that’s possible. Our ramp back to the office will be slow, deliberate and incremental." Pichai also stated that about 5% of Alphabet's employees are working from offices right now, with some regions (like offices in the Asia Pacific region) operating at up to 30% capacity.

Google also announced a company holiday for May 22nd, intended to give employees a short break from the stress of... well... everything. "Take the time to do whatever you need to do to prioritize your well-being," the email said.