Sony released the mid-range Xperia 10 and 10 Plus phones slightly over a year ago, and the devices were set to receive Android 10 sometime in "early 2020." I'm not sure if May counts as early in the year, but regardless, Sony is finally rolling out the OS update to the Xperia 10 series.

There are only a few reports of Android 10 rolling out to Xperia 10 owners, with most of them coming from Russia and Europe, so the rollout still seems to be in the early stages. In addition to all the usual Android 10 stuff, like improved privacy, new navigation gestures, and a universal dark mode, Sony's update also includes the March 2020 security patch level.

Some of Sony's other phones have become more prone to bugs after their Android 10 updates, so let's hope the Xperia 10's upgrade has all the kinks worked out.