Xiaomi introduced the latest iteration of its Android skin MIUI 12 last week. Along with a slew of UI and privacy improvements, the company also showed off new planet-themed "super" wallpapers. As XDA Developers reports, their forum member linuxct has already extracted three of them and made them compatible with most phones running Android 8.1 or above, including Xiaomi devices thanks to a package name change.

All three wallpapers function similarly. On your lockscreen, you'll see a 3D model of Earth or Mars, and once you unlock, an incredibly fast zoom animation takes you to an object of interest – a forest or a glacier on Earth, and a mountain range on Mars. When you unlock your phone right away with a fingerprint reader, you'll still see the zoom part of the animation.

Left: Forest. Middle: Glacier. Right: Mars.

Personally, I think the wallpapers and their extremely fast animations are a little over the top, but to each their own — you can grab the live wallpapers from APK Mirror if you'd like to check them out. Once you've installed them, they'll be accessible via your phone's wallpaper picker. If you can't find them there, try downloading Google's Wallpapers app and scroll all the way down.

More wallpapers

XDA Developers reports that linuxct has created additional variants of the wallpapers. He uploaded them to APK Mirror. There are now two more landscapes for Mars called "Central Mountains of Hale Crater" and "Evergreen Garden." Earth has received a new "default" variant that zooms in on a river. The developer has also created hard-coded versions of the wallpapers that always stick with white or dark mode no matter what your system-wide theme is set to. That gives us a total of 18 MIUI wallpapers, which you can download via the updated links above.