Spark is one of the most popular email clients for Apple users and has made its way to Android about a year ago. Since then, it gained some features, including dark mode, and is now receiving a major update that gives it a fresh coat of paint as well as extended functionality.

The most noticeable change is the updated design, as the email viewer now looks much more modern and clean. Similarly, the app now makes it easier to customize the quick actions displayed at the bottom of an email, allowing you to archive, snooze, or forward a message in a snap.

Spark has also gained new features that allow it to re-send an email to a different person, without having to forward it or copy and paste it. This might seem irrelevant, but it's particularly handy if you're writing to several people about the same topic and simply need to change a line or two. The developers have also added an option to print or save a single email or the entire thread, including the team's comments, directly from your phone. Lastly, you can now see if your Spark for Teams colleagues are online or when they were last seen directly from the mobile app, making it easier to collaborate.