Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones includes some of the best-selling Android handsets you can get. Last year, our own David Ruddick even said he'd pick it over the Pixel 3 XL in his review of the device. Now you can grab one for yourself for the low price of just $568 with this exclusive promo code.

The Galaxy S10+ is about a year old now, but most of its specs wouldn't look out of place in any flagship phone launched today, coming with a generous 8GB of RAM, a 4100mAh battery, and a triple camera system with both telephoto and wide-angle lenses (side-eye at you, Pixel 4). Plus, Samsung's displays are some of the best in the business, and the S10+'s 6.4" Quad HD Dynamic AMOLED panel is drop-dead gorgeous. Samsung might not be as quick to the finish line as Google when it comes to major OS updates, but it is improving, and the S10+ already received its Android 10 update earlier this year, so it's got all the latest goodies like gesture navigation and enhanced privacy controls.

The models DailySteals is selling come in an open box, but they're new devices complete with a 1-year warranty and unlocked for use on all GSM and CDMA carriers. DailySteals is pricing it at $700, but using our exclusive promo code (APSGLX) will knock the price down to an even lower $568! That's a savings of $132 off their normal open-box prices. And you'll get an up-to-date flagship experience that no newer mid-range phone can match.

This deal won't last long, so act fast. As of publication, the Flamingo Pink variant is sadly sold out, but you can still get your hands on the black, white, and blue models.