OnePlus' Crackables puzzle game from 2018 is back. A collaboration between OnePlus and Google, the new Crackables 2.0 is offering a 10,000 cash grand prize for the winner, with another $10,000 going to charity. The game started just a few minutes ago at noon (ET), and you can play now.

The game will run for a bit over two weeks, from the 14th through the 30th. As before, Crackables 2.0 will offer a series of puzzles, ramping in difficulty as players travel through "gates" to advance between levels. Some stages require collaboration, so you'll have to work together at times.

The first ten players to solve the final puzzle will ultimately compete for the $10,000 grand prize, and they'll also be able to donate an additional $10,000 to a charity supporting those affected by COVID-19. The final tournament between the last ten players will be live-streamed on May 7th.

The original 2018 Crackables teaser — we don't know what the new game will be like yet. 

Google's involvement in the game isn't fully detailed, outside Crackables 2.0 being "powered by Google technology." Previously, that meant some help from the Google Zoo.

2018's Crackables (now "1.0") was pretty popular. Though it had a more substantial grand prize last time — an "ultimate gaming setup" clocking in at $30,000 in value — this time, the winner gets cash, and that's sure to pull even more folks into the game.

Now live

Crackables 2.0 is now live at OnePlus' site. Keep in mind, it's a "mobile-only experience," so you'll need to play from your smartphone.


How many puzzles were you able to solve before giving up (or better yet, cheating)? Ready to get really embarrassed about just how much further other players were able to get? Get ready to see the best of the best competing for the Crackables top spot, as the finale goes live at 11AM ET this morning. You can watch right here: