Today MediaTek has announced a slightly upgraded version of its Dimensity 1000 chipset, appropriately called the Dimensity 1000+. It's light on changes, with only a handful of improvements included.

While there might be more minute technical changes between the two chipsets, we're told there are essentially three differences:

  • It supports up to 144Hz refresh rates, compared to 120 on the original 1000.
  • Has MediaTek's "HyperEngine 2.0" with improved resource and networking management.
  • New MiraVision video enhancements to enhance details in video playback, including "SDR to HDR" upgrading — which sounds like the company means upscaling.

Details otherwise should be about the same as with the non-"plus" Dimensity 1000, and that includes things like 5G support (and, presumably, its lack of mmWave support).

MediaTek says devices based on the upgraded Dimensity 1000+ will be landing "soon." However, given how long it's taken for the base Dimensity 1000 to appear in phones, we might be in for a bit of a wait.