Keeping all your accounts secure is incredibly important, which is why we're running a series about how two-factor authentication can improve security, and how to enable 2FA on all your commonly-used accounts. An issue with legacy logins recently lead to hackers gaining access to 160,000 Nintendo Accounts, so it seems a good a time as any to explain how to set up two-factor authentication on Nintendo's online services.

Not sure how to get started with two-factor authentication? Check out our tutorial for setting up an authenticator app on your phone.

Log into your Nintendo Account

The first step is logging into your Nintendo Account from a desktop PC or mobile browser. Go to and enter your account details.

Set up two-factor authentication

Next, click on the security settings tab on the account page. Click 'Edit' on the two-step verification options — this will take you to the setup page for 2FA. Nintendo may ask you to re-verify your email address before continuing.

Nintendo might ask you to download Google Authenticator for managing two-factor logins, but the process will work with any 2FA app. Scan the QR code displayed on-screen with your 2FA app of choice, then enter the code from your app to complete the setup process.

That's it, you're done! Now when you log in on any Nintendo device (or again in the web interface), you'll be asked for the code from your 2FA app. Super easy.