Today's the day we say goodbye to Wunderlist, a beloved productivity app for many. The service was bought by Microsoft back in 2015, and the company preferred to replace it with a new app instead of keeping it alive. Sadly, To-Do, the in-house successor, didn't live up to several people's expectations, including myself, who turned to alternative solutions. It seems the developers are aware of their disappointment and have used the opportunity to announce a new productivity app called Superlist.

Wunderlist's founder, Christian Reber, posted a tweet yesterday, in which he announces the creation of a new company called Superlist. The latter will offer a "fresh new take on team productivity," which makes us believe he could be working on building an all-new version of Wunderlist. Also, according to The Verge, yesterday's Protocol newsletter mentioned part of Superlist’s team will come from Microsoft, and Christian Reber envisions Superlist as “an investment into the next generation of Wunderlist.”

I'm exited about this new project and hope we'll soon be able to try it out and see how it compares to the competition.