Sonos is releasing a new version of the Sonos Control app on June 8th, but not all of the company's previous hardware will be able to make the switch. In what seems to be a compromise regarding its controversial (and since backtracked) policy regarding abandoning legacy hardware, older devices will be left on the current Sonos app, where they'll continue to work and get security updates. Newer Sonos hardware will be able to migrate to the new "S2" Sonos app, which will get new features like saved room groups.

Sonos's legacy hardware lineup is a bit difficult to parse, with multiple naming schemes across years of hardware, but the company has provided us with a (potentially incomplete) list of devices currently supported by the Sonos app that won't make the trip:

  • Original Zone Players
  • Connect and Connect: AMP (versions sold up until 2015)
  • PLAY:5 (gen 1)
  • CR200 Controller
  • Sonos Bridge/ZoneBridge/BR100

Newer hardware will be able to make the transition to the new "S2" app. Devices left on the "S1" app and the app itself will still see security updates, but new features like saved room groups will be exclusive to the new app going forward, which will be released on June 8th.