If you plan on just dipping into the latest developer preview for Android 11 with your Pixel 4 or 4 XL before proceeding back to normal life, be warned: a number of users are reporting that they cannot enroll in Face Unlock after reverting to a stable Android 10 build.

We've been fielding emails from concerned users who have reported that their device, which had been moved from Android 11 Developer Preview 3 back to Android 10, refuses to enroll their face for authentication purposes.

Image: Shanon

This issue has been reported in multiple threads across Google support and XDA. Some users have been able to get a new device through an RMA request.

In its release notes for Developer Preview 4 out today, Google has acknowledged this bug as a user-facing issue. It's unclear if this issue remains with Developer Preview 3 or has carried on into the current release.

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