Chromecast today, Nest Cast with Google TV tomorrow? Google's next-generation streaming dongle may be different both in brand and software according to multiple sources close to the project.

Protocol recalls from its tipsters that the company is set on releasing a streaming device that looks similar to a Chromecast on the outside, but would use Android TV software instead — in an additional speculative layer of change, 9to5Google reports that Android TV may be renamed Google TV.

Instead of relying on phones and tablets feeding it content to play out, users would be able to use a remote to interact with an on-screen interface featuring thumbnail posters of shows and movies — something content publishers like Disney and Netflix have not been keen to adapt among other features. As with other Chromecasts, this device will also allow users to stream games through Stadia. Google may decide to align this device with its Nest brand as it has with some of its other ranges of hardware.

Sources aren't certain when the device will launch as the coronavirus pandemic displaced its original launch platform of Google I/O and may persist to slow the production line. There's no word on pricing from Protocol's sources, but outside analysts expect this new dongle to cost around $80.