Netatmo may not be the first brand that comes to your mind when you think about smart home security, but the French company does a lot of things right. Its cameras come with no hidden fees, but offer local storage, backups to Dropbox and an FTP server, face recognition (though not super reliable), alarm detection, Google Assistant integration — perks that usually cost a lot with competitor products. However, in my review of the Welcome camera, one of the aspects I lamented most was the sluggish Android app. Two years later, it's finally received a big refresh.

The new Security app is smoother, faster, and looks better, though whiter. There's no dark mode, but I hope that the switch to an entirely-white theme means it'll be easier for the devs to implement a dark one soon.


Left: Home tab. Middle: Livestream, quality picker, timeline. Right: Side menu.

The new interface has two tabs to show who's home and who's away, based on the camera's face recognition tech. They're followed by separate tabs for other Netatmo gadgets (Siren, Sensors, and Smoke Alarms). As with the older app, the livestream and recorded events can be swiped up from the bottom, but there's an important addition here: a video resolution picker. This lets you choose the quality of the livestream or recorded videos, to adapt to your connection speed.

Refreshed settings.

All the settings have been updated too, and they now include iPhone-style toggle buttons (oh well...). On the upside, they seem better organized to me. You can read about the other minor changes below.


This version is a whole graphical redesign with new Netatmo identity.
In addition, here what's changed:
- Redesign multi identify screens
- Use smoke detector to retrieve Wi-Fi in smoke installer
- Resume installation for cameras and Smoke Detector
- Add button in video player to choose video resolution
- Add siren tamper detection settings
- New Sign-up/Sign-In screen
- Fix GPS issues when leaving home
- Improvements for small screen
- Fix notification sound issue

Dark mode

As expected, a couple of months after the full UI update, Netatmo Security has received an update with dark mode. You can set the app to follow the device's theme, or always show either the white or dark one.

Home + Security
Home + Security