With so many people having to stay at home these days, it's important to have reliable home internet. Google's first mesh router system offered a powerful, easy-to-set-up home network, and the second-gen Nest Wifi model is even better. Now Google has announced it will be expanding the product sales to new European markets.

Previously, Nest Wifi routers were available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States (excluding Puerto Rico). Starting today, they can be found in ten new markets across Europe: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Google's mesh networking system received a rave review from our own Stephen Schenck last year, and since then Google has continued to improve it with its usual batch of over-the-air software updates and bug fixes. Boasting features like scheduling, speed optimizations for Stadia, and Google Assistant integration, it's one of Google's more put-together products that delivers reliable WiFi without too many distractions.