Google's hardware czar, Rick Osterloh, has walked an entire Earth diameter while wearing a Fitbit. We know this because he was good enough to share a screenshot of the "Earth" badge on Twitter today. We don't care very much about Osterloh's fitness goals (good for him, though). What we do care about is that the screenshot in question was almost certainly taken on the Pixel 4a.

The image features a taller than usual status bar, but this is no Pixel 3XL. The clock and notifications are pushed toward the center, which would make room for the sizeable hole-punch camera featured in all the 4a leaks.  The tweet remains live on Twitter despite the attention, which suggests Osterloh knew precisely what he was doing.

We expect the Pixel 4a to have a resolution of 2340×1080, and the screenshot is 2048×945. That's the same ratio, meaning it was most likely scaled-down automatically by Twitter. While it's possible Osterloh is using some other Android phone with a hole-punch, odds are this is a Pixel. The UI looks stock, and the status bar spacing isn't a match for Nokia or Motorola devices. Also, you'd really hope the guy in charge of Google's Pixel phones was using the team's new product this close to the expected release.