May security patches for Google's Pixels are now available, though Samsung beat Google to the punch this month. For some reason, Google has elected not to publish functional patch notes for its Pixels as part of this month's updates, but images are available and the update should be rolling out via traditional channels soon.

Instead of the usual functional patch notes for Pixels — which describe device-specific changes and fixes for the company's phones, included in the month's updates — all we got is a list of build numbers:

  • Build numbers:
    • Taiwan:
      • Pixel 2 (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.A3
      • Pixel 3 (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.A3
      • Pixel 3a (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.A3
      • Pixel 4 (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.A3
    • Global:
      • Pixel 2 (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.B3
      • Pixel 3 (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.B2
      • Pixel 3a (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.B2
      • Pixel 4 (XL): QQ2A.200501.001.B2

As per yooj, security patches in the bulletin include several high and critical vulnerability fixes, and no security issues are addressed in this month's Project Mainline/Google Play system updates. A few Pixel hardware-specific patches for things like audio components are also included.

OTA and full factory images are available now. Everyone not in Taiwain should pull down the builds trailing with B3/2 in the build number, or you can wait for the update to roll out in the coming hours.