If you think smart speakers aren't discreet enough, mounting them directly on the wall is a good solution. Some accessories let you do that, but they're not necessarily ideal. Thankfully, Amazon has the solution with its Eco Flex wall-mountable smart speaker, which it announced back in September. The product normally sells for $25, but it's now down to just $17.50

Thanks to the Echo Flex, you'll be able to turn any socket into a smart speaker, without blocking the other outlet. The device is powered by Alexa and offers the same experience you'd get with a larger speaker.

The built-in USB port allows you to plug an external device such as your phone to charge it, or even add optional accessories like a night-light or motion sensor, which cost an additional $15. Lastly, you can also use the device to make announcements to other rooms that have a compatible Echo device and call others hands-free.