As you've sat indoors throughout the COVID-19 quarantine, you've probably taken note of all the cleaning that needs to be done in your home: dust the banisters, sweep the floors, scrub down the kitchen, and the list goes on. Wouldn't it be nice if you could automatically cross off one of these chores? Never manually vacuum your home again with the new Roborock E4 robotic vacuum, on sale right now for just $242.99 ($57 off).

The Roborock E4 robotic vacuum is packed with an array of sensors, motion tracking systems, and custom software to keep your floors free of dust and debris. In comparison to previous models, the E4 features an 11% more powerful 2000Pa of maximum suction, a sizable 640ml dustbin, 10% faster movement speeds, and a 28% larger mopping system, all powered by a 100% bigger 5200mAh battery.

The robotic vacuum is guided by an internal mapping system that tells the E4 which portions of the floor still need to be cleaned. At the same time, the Automatic Carpet Boost feature can detect carpet and increase suction for a better, more detailed clean, no matter which kinds of surfaces you have in your home.

Purchase your Roborock E4 today

To take advantage of this discount, head on over to the E4's Amazon page, place the robotic vacuum into your cart, and check out — no coupons or codes necessary. This offer is only valid from now through May 5, 2020, so you'll need to act fast before the Roborock E4 springs back to full price.

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