Google reportedly decided to call it quits on tablets (again) after the Pixel Slate failed to take off, but after several Chrome OS updates and a few price drops, it's a great device. With many popular Chromebooks currently out of stock from everyone buying laptops right now, the Pixel Slate is a better option than ever.

The base model Pixel Slate is currently $442.95 at Amazon. For that low price, you get an 8th-generation Intel Core M3 processor, a 12.3-inch 3000x2000 IPS screen, and 64GB of internal storage. That's comparable to the specifications of the cheapest Pixelbook Go, which costs $649 right now.

However, the Pixel Slate doesn't come with a keyboard in the box, and no one should buy the official keyboard case for $199. Thankfully, Brydge's G-Type keyboard is on sale for just $79.99 from the company's own online store.

The Pixel Slate will continue to receive Chrome OS updates until June 2026, so if you decide to buy, it should last you a long time.