Automatic is shutting down its enhanced diagnostics services for vehicles on May 28. The company cites the coronavirus pandemic driving down demand for auto sales and, thus, demand for its OBD-II plug-in device and its associated services. Customers may be eligible to return their adapters to their point of purchase for a rebate.

After May 28, the company will no longer be able to offer Crash Alert, Time Location & Sharing, and Roadside Assistance services to Premium plan subscribers. Those who took advantage of Automatic's cashless toll payments will be notified on how to migrate their account over to the Paytollo app prior to that date. Customers are advised to unplug and recycle their device.

Automatic account credentials will continue to work with other third-party services until June 28. Users will also be able to access and export their diagnostic data until then.

Those who bought an Automatic Pro or Lite prior to April 30 or an older Connected Car Assistant adapter will be able to request a rebate for their adapter through June 15 with this form. Rebates will be determined based on the cost of the adapter and any months unused on applicable service plans. Customers who received a free adapter from an auto dealer are ineligible. Rebates will come in the form of a Visa prepaid debit card.