Samsung is running a promotion over the next two months back in its home market of South Korea. A new in-person "event" will let customers mix and match different colors for earbuds and charging cases when buying the company's latest Galaxy Buds+. So if you want a red right earbud and blue for the left, you can get them together — all in a subdued black charging case, if you like. The only color that's missing is the green of my mad, US-based envy.

The promotion is part of an in-person physical event being held at two locations in South Korea, from May 1st through June 30th, allowing any combination of black, white, pink, red, or blue. They'll also get a transparent case, keyring, and a sheet of stickers to go with it.

Given that we don't live in South Korea, we're a little bit jealous. The Galaxy Buds+ are among our favorite truly wireless headphones right now, earning our Most Wanted accolade earlier this year. Although this promotion is limited to an in-person event in Samsung's home market, we'd love to see something like this come to the US in an online capacity. Mixing and matching earbud colors in an online order would be a fun thing to customize.