There's been plenty of speculation as to how Samsung would carry on with its smartphone release schedule. In addition to the Galaxy S and Note launches in the winter and summer, respectively, we also now have the foldable devices that has yet to settle with a regular release period. But for the time being, the company has telegraphed that it will put out new Note and foldable phones later this year.

In Samsung's Q1 earnings call, the company expressed the same uncertainty many others have about the future with the coronavirus pandemic at play. However, it did specifically mention that it will have "new and foldable Galaxy Note models" in the second half of the year, assuaging concerns that component supply chain issues were responded to quickly.

"We are preparing our new Note as well as the foldable launch as scheduled," said Samsung Electronics director Jong-min Lee, "and we are looking forward to providing the market with even a more competitive product."

Expect an iterative upgrade in what will presumably be the Note20 series and a follow-up to the original Galaxy Fold released last year — though with a potential brand shift by way of how it was phrased in the call — with foldable glass and other structural improvements.

As for Samsung's future portfolio, one possible path is a combined S/Note release for one season to make way for the foldables in the other half.