We've already heard almost everything there is to hear about the Pixel 4a except for a rather important detail: When exactly will it be available for purchase? While we've assumed that Google planned on introducing the phone during its (now canceled) I/O conference in May, we've got some more evidence that it's indeed launching next month: German Caschys Blog got to see some internal Vodafone Germany documents stating the phone will be available through the carrier starting May 22.

This date is about ten days after a possible May 12/13/14 online launch event or press release, which seems to be the most plausible date for it considering Google wanted to hold its developer conference then. If that's accurate, the Pixel 4a would follow the pattern of its Pixel 4 sibling, which was announced on October 15 with immediate pre-orders and shipping starting October 24, nine days later. Since Pixel 3a buyers in Germany were able to get their hands on the phone the same date as the US, May 22 might indeed mark the international launch.

Of course, it's also possible that Vodafone Germany launches the phone a few days later than other carriers and shops as it did with the Pixel 3a last year. Even if that's the case, its May 22 date is still a pretty good indicator that the Pixel 4a could be available internationally the same week.

This also isn't the first time Caschys Blog leaked a Pixel release date: It shared the correct German pricing and Vodafone launch date of the Pixel 3a ahead of time last year.