Adapting to YouTube Music can be a pain if you've been a Play Music user for years. Google has been promising to make various changes to ease the transition, and it's rolling one of them out today. YouTube Music has new library organization that makes it much easier to find specific artists or tracks.

Previously, going to the YouTube Music library presented you with a scrollbar with recent items and then shortcuts to downloads, playlists, and so on. Songs and artists (the things you probably want most of the time) were at the very bottom. However, adding an album or song didn't necessarily add the corresponding artist or vice versa. That appears to be changing, based on a screenshot posted to Reddit.

With the new UI (above), adding songs or albums to your library will add the artist to your artist list. That is, you don't need to go out of your way to manually subscribe to the artist. In addition, you can add albums, and the songs will all appear in the songs list. See? It makes much more sense. No one on the AP team seems to have the new UI yet, so this is probably in the early stages of deployment.

We first got wind of the new library management back at the beginning of April, and now the rethought design is starting to roll out more widely in both the Android app and on the web (above). People on Reddit report that they're getting the server-side update as we speak. Meanwhile, the new player UI is and the Explore tab slated to replace the Hotlist section is still not available for everyone — they seem to be part of separate rollouts.

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