YouTube is experimenting with a new "Products in this Video" feature that, as its name suggests, shows viewers which products are mentioned or shown in a video. We don't really know what that will look like yet, but Google says it should appear "overlayed on the video and below the video."

The news comes courtesy of a recent addition to YouTube's test features and experiments list on the company's community forums. Though there aren't any graphics to go with the details, we did get one descriptive example: "in a ‘top 10 smartphones in 2020’ video, some viewers will see an icon on the video, along with more information below, listing the phone models included in the video."

This will presumably be different than the current "suggested products" advertisements you might already see, and builds on similar features that have already been implemented in Google Image Search.

It isn't clear which platforms this change might currently be tested on.

If and when the new feature rolls out widely enough for us to spot it, we'll be sure to let you know what it looks like.