Smartwatches and wearables are everywhere; every company you've heard of — and many you haven't — are churning out devices at an impressive pace. If you've been looking for a cheap and maintenance-free way to track your exercise and vitals, today is your day: Garmin's Vívofit 4 is on sale for just $50.

The Vívofit 4 tracks all the standard things we expect by now: exercises, steps, distances, and the calories you burn. What truly makes it stand out is the battery; the Vívofit 4 contains a battery that reportedly runs the device over a year without needing to be charged or swapped out.

Since the device is also waterproof, it could theoretically become a permanent fixture on your arm until it eventually dies, at which point you just swap the battery out and go another year. Right now the large size is currently sold out, but the regular remains in stock. If you have a large wrist size and don't mind ordering from Garmin's site, they have the large Black version in stock.