Binging TV shows and movies has been one of the favored ways to pass the time while we're at home, and now you can do so in size and style with Anker's Nebula Mars II, on sale right now for $330 with a coupon code.

The Nebula Mars II an Android-based projector that can play content from installed apps, or in some cases, media streamed from another phone/tablet. The projector also features an HDMI slot and a USB slot, so you can connect other devices directly. With its dual 10W audio drivers, 4 hours of battery life, and an auto-focus feature for your media, it's a great way to enjoy movies, TV shows, or anything else. You can read our full review of the projector here.

If you're interested in shooting your shot at being an indie movie theater, you can use coupon code NEBULAP2 to take off a whopping $130 from the standard price, bringing it down to a slightly more manageable $330. There's no expiration on the code yet, but deals this large usually don't last long, so make sure not to dawdle if you're interested.