I'm not a parent, but I can imagine that many are getting driven insane by their kids now that everyone's stuck at home. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to potentially calm them down, the Google Play Store is currently offering almost 30 books, with some reading for a variety of age groups.

This list comes courtesy of /u/nvllz from reddit's r/googleplaydeals. These are almost all US- and Canada-only deals, with one exception: Children's Classic Stories: Volume 1, which is regularly $1.99. Everything here is free, and their original prices are listed next to the titles.

Again, everything above is free in the US and Canada. If you live in another region, the titles above may be discounted. We're not sure how long these will be given away for, so if you think you might run out of things to give your kid to do, you may as well just pick a few up now.