OnePlus’s entire lineup of phones released in the last couple of years is now running Android 10 with an updated version of OxygenOS. With that job done, the company is now shifting its focus to the previous-gen 5-series phones. Within days of halting the Open Betas for the OnePlus 6 and 6T for good, the company has opened the program for the OnePlus 5 and 5T, keeping up with its original release plan for the two 2017 flagships.

In its original note announcing the rollout schedule, OnePlus planned to skip the beta run for the 5 and 5T and jump directly to the stable Android 10 build. The smartphone maker looks to have backtracked on this approach, perhaps after learning its lesson from the ill-conceived rollout for the 6 and 6T. It has now decided to release the first Android 10 beta update for both the 5 and 5T before going for the final version. This build brings along several features that OnePlus introduced with the OxygenOS version 10.0 and includes full-screen gestures for the OnePlus 5T.


  • System
    • Brand new UI design brings light and fluid experience
    • Updated to Android 10
  • Full Screen Gesture (OP5T Only)
    • Newly added Hidden Bar to allow left-right switches of recent apps

OnePlus won’t be releasing this beta over the air, so you’ll have to take the manual route. Those of you interested in enrolling your 5 or 5T in this Open Beta program can download the correct build for their model from here and follow the instructions that OnePlus has suggested. Subsequent beta and stable releases will get OTAs. Beware, this installation will wipe your phone storage completely, so make sure to back up your data before kicking off the process. Based on the original release schedule, the stable version should hit your unit before the end of June.