If you missed out on getting a 3-pack of TP-Link smart plugs for $30 last week, but are looking to get started with smartening up your home, you're in luck: TP-Link has a 4-pack of smart plugs for $24 right now on Amazon with a coupon code. But if you've already got an existing TP-Link setup, you'll want to keep in mind one major catch.

These TP-Link plugs come under its new Tapo brand, not the Kasa brand that you've seen us reporting on for a while. In general, you'll find that Tapo products have lower costs and are more compact while Kasa products are more robust and capable.

In the case of Tapo's Smart Plug Minis versus the Kasa Smart Plugs we highlighted for sale last week, the Tapos are way smaller in size and have a capacity of 10A where as the Kasas take up more space and take up to 12A. They also respond to different apps, so if you already have a Kasa setup, you'll need to maintain a separate account for Tapo. Both products can support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant over Wi-Fi, though, as well as scheduling and on/off sync for events.

A 4-pack of Tapo Smart Plug Minis costs $30 right now on Amazon, but putting in coupon code 20TPLINK1 at checkout will get you 20% off, bringing the price down to $24 or $6 apiece.

TP-Link Tapo
TP-Link Tapo
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