Samsung is one of the only other phone makers that makes worthy alternatives to Apple's AirPods, taking cues from their seamless pairing process. The first-gen Galaxy Buds were a stepping stone in that direction, with the newly released Buds+ building upon their predecessor to iron out some of the lingering flaws and add a few new features. Samsung is now bringing some of those enhancements to its older pair through a software update, extending their shelf life a bit.

One of the major additions this new firmware is bringing to the Galaxy Buds is the support for multi-device pairing, although it will be limited to a compatible Galaxy phone and a Windows 10 PC. For instantly connecting to your computer, the Buds will now use Microsoft’s Swift Pair feature that comes baked right into the OS. Besides that, you can also use the Ambient Sound feature to pay attention to your surroundings or talk to someone automatically when you put the earbuds in — though that might be considered socially unseemly. The feature works even when you’re wearing one of the buds, and you can control its settings using the companion app.

Finally, Spotify is getting a much deeper integration on the Galaxy Buds, much like the 2020 model. You can set the Buds to start playing your last-played songs on the music streaming app using just the long-press touchpad gesture. Touching and holding again will play your personalized recommendations. Aside from these major changes, the tiny 1.4MB update also optimizes the sound output from these wireless earbuds, as mentioned in the changelog (via Reddit) below.

Samsung hasn't said when exactly you can expect the update to hit your Galaxy Buds, but it does appear to be rolling out in some quarters already so it shouldn’t take too long.