Our work/life balance is further out of whack these days than it's ever been. Even with the best time management skills, it's hard to maintain a separation when you're doing that work from home, and often on your personal devices. But tools like Google's Digital Wellbeing can make it a bit easier to stay focused. With it included in plenty of recent phones, do you use any of Digital Wellbeing's tools on your Android phone?

Digital Wellbeing actually dates all the way back to 2018, though it was a Pixel-exclusive feature for a while. At the time, I found it pretty useful, and it's only picked up more features and more granular controls since then. Things like the relatively new schedule-based focus mode allow you to disable or "pause" specific apps while you should be working, which is especially handy with all the work-from-home distractions that so many of us are subject to now.

Last fall, Google released a pile of "experiment" apps that can add even more useful features for being mindful of your phone use, like the Unlock Clock and Post Box. A recent beta also rolled out some subtle rebranding, changing Wind Down mode to Bedtime mode, and tweaking feature icons.

With all Android phones since last September shipping with Digital Wellbeing (and several from before then picking up the feature), many of our readers have access to its tools. So: Do you use it? If so, which features do you take advantage of? Feel free to select all that apply.

Also note, that for the purposes of this poll, we're not including features that Google lumps into Digital Wellbeing if they exist outside of it — things like notification management and Do Not Disturb mode, etc. They're still useful tools, but they're not really part of Digital Wellbeing. However, we are including an option for the six "experimental" apps Google released to compliment Digital Wellbeing, even though they technically work without it.

Which Digital Wellbeing features do you use?

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