Like any new product, true wireless earbuds were initially prohibitively expensive, with limited available options on the market. As we all know, this is no longer the case for the ubiquitous audio companions that many of us now carry around every day. These days, you can find a pair of Bluetooth buds at any price point, including, somewhat surprisingly, impulse buy territory. Amazon is currently selling Tribit's X1 wireless earbuds for only $20 — a $10 markdown from an already affordable $29.99.

According to Tribit, these headphones should deliver up to 3 hours of continuous use with an additional 15 hours worth of charge ready and waiting in the carrying case. The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 should also provide a reliable connection and easy pairing. While these are not waterproof by any means, they are sweat and splash-proof, making them a decent choice for runners on a budget.

Whether you need a second pair to use while working out or you're looking for a gift that won't break the bank, these might just be worth your consideration. Follow the link below to pick up a pair for yourself.