John Legere announced last year that he planned to resign as T-Mobile's CEO once the company's merger with Sprint was complete, and he officially handed off CEO duties to Mike Sievert earlier this month. Legere planned to remain on T-Mobile's board of directors until June 4th, but that timeline has apparently been cut short.

In an 8K filing with the SEC earlier today, T-Mobile confirmed that John Legere is leaving the board of directors "effective immediately to pursue other options." The company clarified that he did not resign early due to any disagreement, and in fact, he left a note for T-Mobile employees stating, "although I will be leaving the Board just a few weeks earlier than planned, be assured that I remain T-Mobile’s #1 fan!"

Even though the T-Mobile of today isn't quite the hyper-competitive company it was just a few short years ago, and many of Legere's publicity stunts had more of a "hello, fellow kids" vibe than anything else, there's no denying that he had a significant impact on the U.S. carrier industry. Legere has not yet revealed what he will do next.