Ever feel the need to have a bone-rattling experience in sound to go with your favorite album or movie? Achieve that dream with the Sonos Sub — a wireless Subwoofer with deep bass — for only $549 today, a full $150 off the standard price.

The Sonos Sub wirelessly connects to your other Sonos devices, giving you the freedom to place it where and how you like it. It can function on its base, on its side, inside cabinets, or under furniture. Sonos has even eliminated the bassy "buzz" we're all so familiar with by projecting the speaker drivers inward, making sure you never have to deal with rattling floors or equipment.

If you happen to be looking for a new speaker to go with your new sub, the Sonos Playbar wireless speaker is also on sale, and it even includes a wall mount kit and a $20 Amazon gift card. The Playbar is touted as being tuned by "Oscar-winning sound engineers," so the sound mixing between voices, effects, and music is always at the proper levels. However, the bar appears to be sold out on Amazon in some regions, so your mileage may vary.


Along with the sub, you can control these devices through the Sonos app, making any adjustments you need to painless and hassle-free. Both of these items are on sale on Sonos' website as well, though the Playbar doesn't come with the mount and gift card there. The website lists the sale as running until May 5th, so it's reasonable to expect the Amazon deal to last just as long, or while supplies last.