Samsung's Good Lock is a massively popular app that lets you customize your Galaxy device, and was recently updated to support Android 10 and One UI 2.0. Samsung has now released Home Up, a module for Good Lock that allows the user to extensively fine-tune their homescreen folders, including their appearances and backgrounds.

Once you install and enable Home Up, it's accessible from the Good Lock app. It allows you to customize the size of the grids on your homescreen and app drawer, and you can also choose whether or not you want your icons to swipe by in a never-ending loop or have them come to a halt when you reach the end. As for folders, you can completely customize the color and transparency of the background, the shape of the pop-up, and even tell the app whether to suggest folder names for you.

One of the nicer options of this module is the ability to back up and restore any customizations you've made, negating that most irritating of situations where you're forced to remember your homescreen layout and recreate it from memory. You can even set an automatic backup and choose how often it should run. Allowing this level of granular control is a very welcome change to those who enjoy using the stock launcher over a third-party option.


If you're interested in giving Home Up a spin, you can install it via the Samsung Galaxy Store or download it from APKMirror.