The Nest Mini is an excellent compact speaker that lets you interact with Google Assistant, sounds great, and can hear you better than the first generation. Despite its relatively steep price, it was still worth buying, but now that you can snatch one for just $20, there's no reason for you not to get one.

In his review, Ryne praised its audio, stereo pairing, and wall hanging. At this price, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to grab one, unless you already own a few. Micro Center sells it for just $20, while most other retailers are offering it for $30, which is still a very acceptable price.

Thankfully, all colors are on sale, except at Micro Center, which only carries the Chalk and Charcoal models, and only lets you pick them up in person. Check out the links below to buy yours from your favorite retailer, considering you'll have to pay $10 more if you want it delivered at home.