Google is testing an even easier way of quickly pasting content from your clipboard in Gboard without a tedious long-press. Building on the pop-up suggestions in Android 10, the folks at 9to5Google have spotted a test for Gboard that makes pasting from your clipboard as easy as a single tap on the top bar.

GIF demonstrating the feature. Image: 9to5Google.

The new feature appears in the top bar on Gboard (where the settings, GIF, and stickers button live), similar to the suggestions you get when typing, though he clipboard suggestion looks a little different, with a rounded gray background. It shows up after copying content to the clipboard, displaying an excerpt of the copied content next to another shortcut that sometimes has a clipboard icon, and at other times has "Clipboard" text, and which we have confirmed takes you to Gboard's built-in clipboard manager.

Two more examples — one showing the alternate clipboard icon, the other showing what you see in password entry fields.

The feature also adapts to passwords — or, at least, password entry fields — changing the preview to a censored series of dots, though it probably doesn't censor passwords in the clipboard if you happen to tap on another type of text entry field unless it has some magical means of detecting what might be one.

We don't see the new feature on any of our devices, and 9to50Google doesn't appear to have associated it with a specific version of the app, so it's probably a server-side flag being tested among a smaller group. We'll let you know if it rolls out more widely.

One of our readers has confirmed that the "Clipboard" shortcut takes you to G Board's clipboard manager.

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