Google has already given us a new, tiled, Zoom-inspired layout in Meet that makes it a little easier to view everyone in a packed call, but that was only the start for the company's G Suite video conferencing service. It's also rolled out three other highly requested features: An AI-enhanced low-light mode, tab-focused presentation mode, and a noise cancellation feature. Together, these changes might make Meet your first choice over other options the next time you need to do a work meeting from home.

To start, Meet is picking up the ability to present a Chrome tab, rather than simply presenting a full window or screen, so you can even more tightly focus what you mean to show people on the call (or better hide whatever you accidentally left open). It'll also result in higher quality video and audio during the presentation, so you'll probably want to switch to this mode if your next slideshow has much in the way of videos or sound, and it's rolling out today.

A new AI-enhanced Low-light mode is also rolling out now for mobile users, and coming soon to folks on the web/desktop. With most of us beholden to inadequate at-home lighting and working increasingly odd and flexible schedules during the pandemic, at least you'll look a little better on camera the next time you have to jump into a call with poor lighting.

On a similar note, background noises from kids, pets, or your super clacky mechanical keyboard should also be less of a problem during Meet meetings, as a new noise cancellation feature will begin rolling out in the coming weeks for enterprise customers (starting on the web/desktop, and coming later to mobile).

If Zoom isn't cutting it for your business, it might be worth giving Meet a try, especially with all these new features that could make interminable at-home business meetings a little more tolerable.