Some subtle rebranding is happening inside Google's Digital Wellbeing app, which offers ways to monitor and manage your phone use. The previously named "Wind Down" mode is being renamed to "Bedtime mode," and the change brings a few other minor tweaks with it.

Left: Previous versions of the Digital Wellbeing app. Right: The latest beta.

The change is live as part of the latest beta version of the Digital Wellbeing app (1.0.302017577.beta), replacing the older branded name with something a bit more descriptive and generic — or, at least, more easily understood by name alone.


Left: Old Wind Down. Middle and Right: New Bedtime mode, with new "While charging at bedtime" trigger.

In addition to the new name, the settings for the mode have also been slightly tweaked. A new description up at the top of the screen better explains what the mode is for, and it has some additional trigger options. Instead of simply setting it to a schedule, you can now also set Bedtime mode to activate just when the phone is plugged in and charging during a specific window of time — so instead of being a blanket nighttime change, it only happens when you've probably turned in for the night.

It works with both wired and wireless charging in our tests, and unplugging it from a source of power takes you out of Bedtime mode — it only stays active when it's plugged in.

Grayscale and Do Not Disturb options have also been tossed beneath an expanding "Customize" header, with their order now reversed.

Left: Old notification. Right: New notification.

Notifications for the new Bedtime mode also slightly different. Instead of the default Digital Wellbeing icon, Bedtime mode notifications have a new moon-and-stars icon more reminiscent of the mode's name. The notification also now describes which settings you have enabled for Bedtime mode.

Tap the notification after pausing it (left) and you'll get this new screen (right).

If you tap the relatively new "Pause for 30 minutes" button in the notification and then tap the notification itself, or navigate to the Bedtime mode section in Digital Wellbeing with the mode paused, you'll also be taken to an entirely new interface/screen the mode didn't have before, which prompts you to resume Bedtime mode or add additional 30-minute increments to the timeout.

This might seem like a minor change, but the new trigger — which activates only once you've plugged in after turning in for the night — could be pretty popular. We're already divided among the branding change here at AP (I think it's more descriptive and better for user discovery, Stephen things the new name is infantilized and has weaker branding), but this is all subject to change. After all, it's only live in the current beta version of the app, we might see further tweaks before it trickles down.

Interested parties with Digital Wellbeing-compatible devices can download the version that triggers it at APK Mirror or opt-in on the beta program at the Play Store.

Focus Mode also gets a new icon in this version:

Left: Old version's notification. Right: new version's notification. 

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