Sometimes pictures aren't enough to capture a moment, and videos are best to record a scene. However, we don't always want the surrounding sound to be captured, especially if it's just unnecessary noise. Unfortunately, it's not necessarily convenient to remove the audio track from a video with your phone, but Google seems to be working on making this a breeze.

Jane Manchun Wong, who's known for reverse-engineering apps to uncover hidden features, has discovered Google Photos is apparently going to let users remove audio from a video. Indeed, in a tweet she posted yesterday, the app's video editor shows a mute icon, hinting it's designed to remove the audio track entirely in the exported result.

Sadly, there's no further information regarding the feature's availability, or whether Google is also working on letting you edit or replace the audio track itself. Let's hope this feature rolls out massively in the future, as it would make it much more convenient to strip videos of unwanted audio.

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