Over the years, Google has connected many of its other products and services to Search, as well as adding a plethora of features that make it truly powerful. We discovered a small but interesting addition to search recently, in which Google's web search interface will suggest an alternate search query based on your recent search (and possibly other) activity.

We're not sure if this feature makes use of user data across other apps and services, or just previous searches. In the example above, our benevolent leader Artem had previously searched for something related to server licensing. When he went on to look up a particular product, Google could use that previous activity to suggest searching for the relevant version of said product. It sounds like a small addition, but it has a lot of potential. You could be looking at a window cleaning company called Apex, as an example. If you type "apex reviews" into Google to check on the company's reputation, chances are you'll find reviews for a video game. Google offering an "Apex window cleaning reviews" suggestion would then help you get what you're trying to find.

Beyond simple company and product searches, Search can also suggest recipes based on your activity as well, here suggesting that you search for a specific type of cocktail due to your previous searches, including particular ingredients. As someone who loves to experiment with different foods and drinks, this is something I look forward to using, as it will ensure that I see what's relevant to what I want.

This feature seems to be rolling out silently through a server-side update, and there aren't many accounts of it being live, so it could be a while before you see it on your device. There's also a small possibility this is merely a new UI/UX test, and that Google is seeing how people react to suggestions based on their activity before deciding on whether to make it a permanent fixture in search. As usual, we'll keep this post updated with further developments and information.