Duo is one of Google's best products, because it does exactly what it advertises — cross-platform video calls — without any added fuss or complications. Last month, Google increased Duo's maximum participant count for group calls to 12 people, and now the company has a few more changes in the works.

The only feature rolling out today is that you can take a photo of the current Duo call with the new capture button. It saves a composite image of everyone in the call to your photos, as opposed to taking a screenshot, which only saves whatever participants are in view. This requires 'Duo moments' to be enabled in the settings, and all participants in the call also have to enable it.

Three more features were announced today, but they won't be available to use for a while. First, you'll soon be able to save video messages sent through Duo, instead of having them expire after 24 hours. Google is also in the process of updating Duo to use the AV1 video codec, which should result in improved performance on poor network connections. Finally, Duo will increase the maximum number of call participants yet again, though the new number wasn't confirmed.

Google Duo
Google Duo
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