Smart displays are a convenient way to make your home more intelligent: They can help with everyday queries, be of assistance when cooking, and blast some tunes when you feel like dancing. With this deal, you can get two Nest Hubs for just $100, which is significantly cheaper than purchasing them separately. It's particularly handy if you live in a big house or even if you'd like to give one away as a gift.

If you're unfamiliar with the Nest Hub, it's a hybrid between a seven-inch tablet and a smart speaker. It can answer daily queries, control smart devices, stream music and videos, play the news, and much more. It can also act as a Chromecast target, so you can watch YouTube and Netflix content, for instance. Sadly, it doesn't have a camera, which can be a major inconvenience if you were planning on using it to video chat with your friends during the lockdown.

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