If you're looking for a phone to tide you over this rough patch the world's going through right now and don't mind or wholly welcome a phone with a MediaTek processor, a removable battery, and Micro-USB, you can pick up a Nokia 2.2 right now from Amazon for just $100.

The Nokia 2.2 might be stacked as a low-end phone with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage in the US., just two cameras on the device total, and a 720p LCD (decently-designed as it is), and it would've been a pretty questionable buy at $140, its original MSRP here.

But wrap together the fact that it's now got Android 10 — it being an Android One phone basically guarantees clean software plus timely security updates anyways — and that the Nokia 2.2 is $40 off in both Black and Steel colors on Amazon right now, it really doesn't sound too bad — certainly if your phone's broken and you don't have access to a phone with a larger price tag. It works on AT&T, T-Mobile, and other associated virtual carriers.

Stock is limited (just over a dozen in each color), so do act fast if you need a Nokia 2.2.