About a year ago, Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr and OnePlus joined forces (and exchanged money) to promote the manufacturer's products, starting with the OnePlus 7. The collaboration is still alive and well as a clip has surfaced, showing the actor wielding a Glacial Green OnePlus 8 Pro while he's racing to a birthday party — he also has a video shoot to finish and a suit to buy before he can go there.

Along the way, the video shows how Robert Downey Jr is able to complete his packed day with no other companion than his trusty OnePlus 8 Pro. He picks up the phone from OnePlus' 30W wireless charging pad before racing to his video shoot. Thanks to 5G, the actor manages to download the finished video in a matter of seconds — he's apparently lucky enough to get the full gigabit connection in the studio. Before picking out the right suit at a store for the birthday party he's invited at, he scrolls through a selection of good-looking ones on his phone. Of course, only the Pro's 120Hz screen allows him to do that as quickly as he does. At the party, a misunderstanding is uncovered, followed by a water fight and a fully-dressed jump/fall into a pool — thank God the OnePlus 8 Pro is certified as water-resistant. But see for yourself:

All in all, it's a flashy, fun ad that manages to capture the new flagship's features without diving too deep into technical gibberish. Just like the previous promos, the company targets Asian markets with these ads, most prominently China and India, so don't be surprised if you don't see the spot on US television.