Spotify is giving its Premium-subscribed customers the ability to hide songs they don't want to hear in more types of playlists. A new "hide song" option in the three-dot context menu will let you skip a specific track before you get to it.

Spotify's slowly been opening up user freedom with features like these. Last year, Spotify gave us the ability to block artists we didn't want to listen to (and, therefore, indirectly support with money via plays), and some kinds of playlists, like the Daily Mix dynamically-generated lists, already let you mark a track to be skipped before you get to it — though it means telling Spotify that you don't like the song, which may not always be true. The new "hide song" option will also let you un-hide them later if you want to.

A similar feature, with an identically-named option, seems to have existed for free Spotify accounts for a while, and we're not sure why it wasn't available for Premium users — perhaps the company originally thought the ability to mark songs/artists as unliked was equivalent.

One of Spotify's key benefits over other services is the truly massive number of user-generated playlists out there, easily perused and searched for directly in the app. (I harass my coworkers with my playlists all the time — I'm sure they actually love it even when they say they don't.) This new feature might seem small, but it means you can customize playlists out there that you find and like without having to fully re-make or duplicate your own slightly tweaked version of them.

So far, we don't see the new "hide song" setting in the three-dot context menu on any of our devices, but a similar but it sounds like it will be rolling out soon.

Rolling out

The feature is now rolling out to Spotify users. It's live for me on the latest v8.5.55.848 of the app, but I also spotted it on the previous version before updating. You can see the "Hide this song" option in the three-dot menu, and after tapping it, the song shows as grayed out in the playlist. If you change your mind, you can always unhide the song.